Pacman Inc has been in business 10+ years, same name,
same people with over 500,000 containers repaired.

High Quality Refurbished Returnable Containers


High Quality Refurbished Returnable Containers

Simply put, we offer the highest quality refurbished containers available. Our processes have been in place for over a decade, and nothing but the best condition bins make the cut for our inventory. When you buy from PACMAN you get nothing but HIGH QUALITY CONTAINERS

Knowledge: Customer Service is VERY IMPORTANT and we want your Used Container Purchase to be as easy and simple as possible. That means when you call us, either Bart, Kirk or Tom will answer the phone, usually by the 2nd ring. We know our inventory, I mean, we REALLY KNOW OUR INVENTORY. We know the different nuances of all the different brands, styles and sizes, and we can tell you, “yes..I have 208 Matching Black HDR Orbis Brand 48 45 34″ in stock, and YES…we can have them ready for pick up tomorrow”, and if we don’t have that…we will tell you what we do have available and give your pictures representative of the different options we present

WE ARE NOT A MIDDLEMAN COMPANY. We find the bins, bring them in, process them to LIKE NEW standards, and then sell or rent them to someone in need.

All calls are important so we make an extended effort to be available at all times!