Pacman Inc has been in business 10+ years, same name,
same people with over 500,000 containers repaired.


Pacman Inc is a container services company with locations in Detroit MI & Atlanta GA that net a combined 150,000+ sq ft of covered floor space.

Our goal is to save you Time & Money. You can maximize your salvage rates and save time by getting quality items/services you need less the additional paperwork by using the proceeds as a credit


Why Pacman Inc Recycling:

  1. We will send the truck to your location

  2. All your material will be itemized for your records

  3. The highest premium in the market place will be paid for reusable items

  4. Fast payment.  We have over 11 years of a proven track record, trust is our priority

  5. Receive a check or save time by getting items/services you need for the next program via a credit

Container services: Rentals, Repairs & Parts 

Pacman Inc 

Pacman Inc in Spanish